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Besides keeping the logbook, which I encourage Joint N-11 every chronic pain patient to do, you can also take some responsibility for doing a little research. While you should take care to rely only on sites that are properly fact-checked and accurate, within those parameters there is a wealth of consumer-oriented health care information available on the internet. Look up your condition in one or more site, and make notes about common symptoms, prognosis, treatments and new studies. Come armed with this information to each doctor's visit, and share what you've found with her.

Finally, ask yourself whether it's possible that your difficulties in communicating with your doctor might be more the result of past difficulties with other doctors or your own fears, rather than a specific problem with this particular doctor.From my own history, I know all too well how one bad experience with one bad doctor can color your perceptions of the medical profession as a whole. I've been incredibly fortunate to enjoy a positive relationship with an excellent general practitioner for over 10 years now, whom I "inherited" from my mother who was also his patient. Even so, after I had a horrible experience with an incredibly arrogant surgeon who worked on my brother's cancer care team, I found myself feeling anxious about talking to my GP, who had never given me any reason to feel that way.

Give this some thought. If it's really a problem with the doctor you're seeing, and not a generalized fear or a particular experience with someone else, then you'll need to decide whether the relationship is worth saving. If so, speak up to your doctor. If it helps, practice ahead of time with a friend by doing some role-playing. But if all else fails, then you can hold your head high and seek out a better doctor -- one who listens to you with respect.