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Many people suffer from the known disease of diabetes. Blood Balance Formula Diabetes is a life threatening disease causing damage to major organs such as the heart, and kidneys. Heart disease is linked to diabetes as well. Diabetes can cause many secondary factors such as losing a limb, blindness, and stroke if not properly controlled. Healthy eating is needed to slow this process. The doctor will give you a diet to follow for healthy eating. The beginning symptoms of diabetes are a low blood sugar a precursor experienced by the person as light-headedness, slight confusion, and an increased heart rate. The person may also experience blurry vision and numbness at the lips. The person may also feel cold.

At this point the person should go to the emergency room and become evaluated regarding the symptoms. A history of diabetes in the family in a positive risk factor for diabetes as it indicates that diabetes runs in the family. After a period of time, the blood sugar becomes high above the normal range. The normal blood sugar according to some lab affiliations is considered 70-120. Some labs use 80-120 or 110. It really depends on the lab testing the blood samples.

After a firm diagnosis is made, treatment starts with monitoring the blood sugar and a change in diet. If the blood sugar goes down on its own it is probably type 2 diabetes. If it doesn't go down without the help of injected insulin, it most likely is type1 diabetes. A person needs to monitor their blood sugar two-four times a day as prescribed per the doctor. The specialist known as an endocrinologist can advise the person on taking care of the out of range blood sugar and to become educated an aware of the needs for treatment. There are many types of insulin.