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Due to increase in population and Brilliance SF Skincare polluted environment several infections have increased among people. Whether it is a viral, fungal or bacterial disease resulting due to physical contacts or contaminated water it requires utmost attention for the victim. Angular cheilitis symptoms are not known to many people. They treat it as a fungal infection that occurs near the corner of the mouth. Most of the people initially try to avoid this problem or behave carelessly taking it for granted but the matter becomes worse as the itching, bleeding and red skin becomes frustrating.

It is also known as angular stomatitis and is caused due to fungal infection as mentioned earlier. While bacteria are also known to create this lip problem it is more common that it is caused due to fungus. The actual cause is not a transmission but it is due to deficiency of nutrition in your diet. Iron deficiency, Vitamin B deficiency, zinc deficiency or lack of other nutrients in your diet may have caused this infection.

The angular cheilitis symptoms of this condition includes itching problem, bleeding at the corner of the mouth, crack in the lips, splitting lips or red skin. If you are suffering from this problem you need to approach your doctor soon and after examination you need to take care of this condition through instant relief anti-biotic tablets and vitamin rich diet.