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I learned great lessons from one of Diabetes Freedom the greatest doctors who believes in:Your health is in your hands. I believe that constipation is the most common health problem that troubles humans - from new born to the very old. It is the cause for many complicated and chronic diseases.

Another good option available to you is to try out bitter melon along with your food. It is an unconventional way and you will find these methods listed in various ancient medical books. But the result which people receive from it is just awesome. There are still many other options for you, so have a look at them also.

As you all know that glucose forms a very essential component of our body. Basically, glucose has been found a primary energy source for all the living beings, whether they are humans or animals. If we go with the definition of glucose in medical terminology, then it is a form of sugar which travels through the blood stream. The main source of glucose is the carbohydrates. The level of glucose in your body is regulated by two hormones namely: insulin and glycogen. Both the above stated hormones are secreted by your pancreas. But you need to have a normal blood glucose level in order to remain fit and keep your self away from the diseases like: diabetes.