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If you are a man suffering from baldness, Hair Revital X hair transplantation may be a solution that may be right for you. Rather than experimenting with shampoos, creams and gels that can leave you feeling disappointed when they don't live up to their promises or worse - cause a reaction on the scalp, consider transplants as a natural hair loss solution.

DHT is often produced and found in very specific patterns in hair follicles around the head: around the top, front and crown, it seems to avoid the follicles found along the back of the head. Baldness can be cured naturally using our own hair by effectively transplanting hair follicles from the back of the head to thinning parts of the scalp. In fact, hair will continue to grow normally along the back of the head for an entire lifetime. The use of your own hair to correct baldness would result in a very natural, flawless look.

Patients can opt for a traditional Strip Method technique, or a procedure called NeoGrafting, this method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) requires no stitches, no linear donor incision and no scarring. The best thing about this type of procedure is that no follow-up visits or ongoing maintenance is necessary once the transplant is completed. Not only is hair transplantation a natural hair loss solution, it is affordable, safe and best of all - permanent.