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Time and time again you've probably heard Hair Revital X that there isn't a cure for baldness. Is it really true that you cannot actually cure your hair loss? Yes it's true that there is no "supposed cure" for getting rid of thin hair for good. No scientist has yet discovered that great pill that you can take to magically make your hair just grow back beyond your wildest dreams.

However there are some things that work and work well in regrowing hair and they are natural remedies. I like to call them my personal secret weapons because they are what enabled me to make a comeback with my personal hair loss problems. The right natural remedies can easily serve to prevent baldness and take your hair growth to a whole new level.

Olive oil is your basic cooking oil but when you massage it into your scalp, it acts as a totally different substance. You see after using shampoo and various other haircare products on your scalp for years and years, that extra residue from these products can often times get embedded deep beneath your follicles. You have no idea that they're there until your hair starts thinning and falling out.