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firstly select one that is green or yellow, StrictionD orange ones are old slice the unpeeled fruit lengthwise and remove the seeds. Cut into thin slices and steam or boil until the fruit is tender and is easy to cut with the edge of a spoon. Then place the fruit with an equal amount of water in a blender and puree for two or three minutes. Drink one quarter to half a cup a day

or the gourds can be sliced and added in small amounts to wok dishes. Or cut into thin strips, mixed with onions and tomatoes and eggs and made into an omelet a bitter melon extract can be found in Asian grocery stores... take one quarter to half a teaspoon up to three times daily bitter melon has been concentrated and made into capsules... it is advised to take two capsules per day usually with a meal or one hour after eating when your blood sugar levels are highest.

bitter melon is also an ingredient found in most diabetic herbal supplements; combined with other herbs, vitamins or even minerals The bitter melon extract can be taken alone or mixed with other herbs, mineral or vitamin supplements. Bitter melon itself is also naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals; a mix does not have harmful interactions.