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Staying connected to life gives you clarity which Ultra Manifestation gives you confidence and conviction. Your processes become sharper and your reasoning is based from within. No singled mindness, no saying no, just because this is what I always said. Connecting to self allows us to rely on something more intense, more to the point with more clarity more direction. God wants us to stay connected with him at all times that is why prayer is so important. When God is trying to call you make sure your receiver is available. Be sure you are listening with your heart and soul that way what is being said will connect to your mind.

We need to open our minds and hearts in order to develop into the beings God meant for us to be. When I think of achieving a connection with my higher self or higher spirits, I realize that it is not a matter of higher, but rather of moving deeper within. My higher self is actually my deeper self. This is where God is.

Although I wrote it in my first article; I would like to remind it again. The existence of a human is composed of five dimensions. The first one is the material dimension and the human is completely like an inanimate thing with this dimension that is subject to the physical and chemical laws of material. The second one is the physiological dimension where the living events start including bio-analysis (producing energy) and biosynthesis (using the obtained energy), the human is like a plant in this dimension. The third one is the psychological dimension including psychological activities as attention, perception, recognizing, and consciousness and reacting the effects, the human is like an animal in this dimension.