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Usually the plaques that have damaged Vitamove Back Pain Relief your arteries are due to an unhealthy lifestyle. As part of a treatment plan for my patients, I recommend exchanging some unhealthy habits for those that are healthier in nature. Here are some examples:Quit smoking - this is one of the worst habits that contribute to the development of peripheral arterial disease. Smoking along with second hand smoke increases your likelihood of death due to the disease.

Exercise - this actually can aid your condition by conditioning your muscles to use oxygen more efficiently. Even if your muscles receive less oxygen they can learn to better use it to promote growth of new, healthy blood vessels.Lower your cholesterol - along with exercise, and a healthy diet you can control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels that ultimately contribute to artherosclerosis.

Herbs show potential - According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, some herbs also show potential in helping to improve blood circulation. These herbs include lavender, hawthorn, and rosemary. Always consult your physician before using any type of herbal or alternative treatments for your medical conditions.